Hypalon Rubber Roller

Hypalon Rubber Roller : Chase Elastomer’s Hypalons were formulated with roller applications in mind. The HY series is excellent for dry applications. However where resistance to aqueous media is required, the HA series, formulated specifically for wet applications, is outstanding. Also offered by Chase Elastomer are anti-static grades of Hypalon as well as electrically conductive compounds.

With Chase Elastomer’s Hypalon, fabricating quality rollers is easy. Previously this type of compound was considered to be “difficult” – that is now a thing of the past with a specially formulated and tailored family of products. These compounds are an excellent choice for tough industrial applications such as those found in the metal working, wood and textile industries.

These compounds are used extensively on roll coverings because of their broad range of characteristics :
  • Toughness – outstanding finish/tear strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Withstands temperatures to 150°C
  • Outstanding resistance to hot aqueous media
  • Easy extruding over an intense range of hardness
  • Calendered sheets are pliable and easy to handle
  • Unique electrical properties
  • High load bearing characteristics
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