Metal Expander Rollers

Metal Expander Rollers: We are acknowledged for the manufacturing of wide range of Industrial Metal Expanders to our customers as per their demand. These metal expanders are very superior in their quality that is why they are highly demanded these days. The performance rates of these products are very high and also have long life. These products are available at different shapes, lengths and diameters in the market. Such very kinds of products are durable in their nature and provide better efficiency.

Metal expander roll having hard chrome surface which is suitable for high speed applications for Paper industries, particularly for slitter re-winders, Calendars, Poop Reels, M.G cylinders. On high speed machines it not wear & tear so it commonly used in place of rubber bow roll. It is too heavy weight due its internal construction and require extra drives & pulleys to drive the roll.

Types :
  • Individual Segment Rotating Type
  • Single Piece Rotating Type
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